System status

This is our system status page. Any service related issues will be reported here. If this page is unavailable our main telephone number 0870 165 1416 will carry audio status information.

Current issues

There are no issues at this time

Older issues

server104 will be going offline shortly for essential maintenanc
We hope to have to back online in around 35 minutes. As this is an old server we recommend that affected customers contact us about being relocated to a newer server instance.

Update 09:44 The server is back up again now.

Loss of connectivity to a number of webservers

We have a problem with our network affecting a number of our servers including: server74 server77 server83 server96 server102 server103 server105 server107 server109 server124 server125 server126 server127 server129 server139 We are working on this now and will give further updates on when this will be resolved.

Update 04:44 The issue is due to a major network outage at our Studley datacenter, and is affecting most webservers to some degree. Engineers are working to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Update 06:39 The outage was resolved at 06:00 but some servers took a while to come back online. All services should be fully restored shortly.

Hardware failure affecting server116 server121 server131 server1

We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Update 21:19 We have rebooted the machine and it looks to be ok now. We will continue to monitor this throughout the evening.

Christmas and New Year support

Telephone support will stop on Friday December 18th at 4pm and will resume on Monday 4th of January 2016. Email support will continue as normal, but service affecting issues only will be handled over the Christmas and New year public holidays.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year!

Serious Joomla vulnerability in versions upto and including 3.4.
Please upgrade to version 3.4.6
Connectivity issues affecting mail service
Due to a problem at Amazon AWS we are currently experiencing delays in mail delivery - this is primarily affecting mail passing through our spam filtering system which is located with AWS. Amazon are working to get the issue rectified and we hope this will be resolved as soon as possible.