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This is our system status page. Any service related issues will be reported here. If this page is unavailable our main telephone number 0870 165 1416 will carry audio status information.

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UK Public Holiday April 18th to April 21st
There will be no telephone support until Tuesday 22nd April due to the UK public holiday. Email support will be available for critical issues.
Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability

As many will know, yesterday a serious fault was discovered in OpenSSL 1.0.1. OpenSSL is used by most web hosts to provide SSL security to protect data when sites are accessed using https://...

Currently we believe that the only affected system at Virtualnames/UKservers was the control panel: - this has now been corrected. Other systems and customer servers use an unaffected version of OpenSSL. However in light of this we recommend that customers change all of the passwords they have with us, including FTP, and Mailbox passwords. It is also highly recommended that MySQL passwords are changed.

This is a vulnerability that has affected many sites on the Internet, and the general advice is that all passwords should be changed. No one knows whether the vulnerability was exploited, so the risk can't easily be quantified, however it is better to be safe and ensure that all passwords are changed.

Links to third-party sites:

Problem with LCH server122

We have a serious issue with the hardware running server122, we are moving this new hardware and hope to have it back online in around 30 minutes.

Update 00:56 This server is now back online. We apologise for the extended time this was down.

Infrastructure upgrades Wednesday 12th March 2014 - 8am to 9am

As part of our ongoing infrastructure upgrades we will be replacing two of our core switches during the above time period. This will affect most mailbox servers and webhosting servers in the range: server111 to server113, and server118 to server127.

All going well, there should be at most a few minutes of downtime. If there are any problems they will be announced here.

Update 07:33 Just a reminder that this work starts in 30 minutes.

Postal address verification issues

As a result of the new rules brought in by ICANN on Jan 1st 2014, all gTLD domains (com/net/org/info/biz) are required to have their email and postal contact details validated by the registry on registration, and after changes are made. If these details cannot be validated, the registry is mandated to suspend the names until they can be verified.

Customers will receive an email from (our registry) with a web link that must be clicked to validate the email address. The web page will also allow customers to set a valid postal address if this also doesn't pass validation. Currently customers will receive further emails if their postal addresses still don't pass validation.

Unfortunately there are some problems with the postal address system and it will reject addresses that contain extraneous information, and it is best to avoid words like Apartment/Flat/Unit etc. If customers can't get their addresses to validate, they should contact our support department using the link on our site, and give us the domain names having problems. We will then pass these on to the registry to try and get the issue resolved. It is very important that this gets resolved, because the registry will suspend names where they can't verify the address.

We apologise to customers for the inconvenience this will cause, but unfortunately the ICANN rules have to be adhered to and our registry is working hard to get their part of this process working smoothly.

More information can be found here: