System status

This is our system status page. Any service related issues will be reported here. If this page is unavailable our main telephone number 0870 165 1416 will carry audio status information.

Current issues

Wordpress GravityForms plugin vulnerability
Versions of this plugin below 1.8.20 are vulnerable to an arbitrary remote file upload vulnerability and should be upgraded to the latest version as soon as possible. We will be scanning for vulnerable plugins and notifying customer when they are detected, we will also be parking sites to prevent any damage.

Older issues IP address change
The new IP for this nameserver is This should affect customers unless they are using us for backup DNS. IP change
The IP address for has changed to This shouldn't affect customers unless they use us for slave zones.
Rolling reboots
We will be rebooting all servers today as part of a major security fix. These should not take longer than a few minutes for each server in most cases.
Discontinuing support for Backup MX

We will be discontinuing the ability to use our servers as backup MX servers for mail not hosted with us.

Using our servers as backup MX for third-party servers offers no advantages, and suffers from the major disadvantage that spammers can bypass any mail filtering you have on your primary MX server, just be sending it to us first.

We will be contacting affected customers and disabling the ability to set this from our control panel. Customers who are concerned about this or need more explaination should contact our support department.

No telephone support from 1pm 22nd January 2015
There will be no telephone support from 1pm today, telephone support will start as usual on the 23rd at 10am. Email support will be available as normal.
Problem with spam filter

At around 12:05pm for around 10 minutes or so on Friday 19th December we experienced a problem with the spam filtering system that caused some incoming mail to bounce back to the sender. The problem was resolved as soon as it was detected, and we apologise to affected customers.

Christmas opening times

Telephone support will end at 4pm on Friday 19th December 2014 and will recommence at 10am on Monday 5th January 2015. Email support will still be available, but restricted to service affecting issues only.

We wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2015!

Telephone support
Telephone support will finish at 3pm today Tuesday 16th December.
AT RISK: Friday 12th December 2014 8-9AM GMT
During this period engineers will be installing additional internal network links. Downtime isn't expected, but as this is fairly complex work we are designating this as an at-risk period. This work was moved from Tuesday
Power outage

We experienced a power outage at around 12:45, and although most services were unaffected we are seeing some issues with several webservers and atmail. We are working on fixing that now.

Update 13:22 The power outage caused a network port to fail on one server. This has now been fixed and all services should now have been restored.

Wordpress Download Manager security issue
Customers using Wordpress Download Manager should ensure they have updated to 2.7.5, because there is a serious vulnerability in 2.7.4 and below: