System status

This is our system status page. Any service related issues will be reported here. If this page is unavailable our main telephone number 0870 165 1416 will carry audio status information.

Current issues

There are no issues at this time

Older issues

Connectivity issues affecting mail service
Due to a problem at Amazon AWS we are currently experiencing delays in mail delivery - this is primarily affecting mail passing through our spam filtering system which is located with AWS. Amazon are working to get the issue rectified and we hope this will be resolved as soon as possible.
Fake registry invoices by post
We have become aware of fake registration renewal invoices sent to customer by post. We do not send invoices by post and neither do our registries.
Mail issues
We are currently dealing with a massive influx of mail which has been causing some delays in mail delivery over the past hour. We hope to have this resolved shortly.
Phishing attack against domain owners
There is currently a massive phishing attack going on targeting domain name owners with emails pretending to be from abuse departments at top level registrars. The fraudulent emails claim that a particular domain name has been suspended and ask users to click a link. Please be extra vigilant and contact us if there is any doubt about emails from registries related to your domain names.
Serious Joomla vulnerability in versions 3.2 up to 3.4.4
A serious SQL injection vulnerability has been found in Joomla versions 3.2 through to 3.4.4. The attack allows hackers to gain full admin access. Customers using Joomla should upgrade as soon as possible. Please see:
Wordpress SEO plugin vulnerabilities
Customers who use any Wordpress SEO plugins, especially if they are from Yoast should ensure that all plugins are up to date and that they change all admin user passwords. A recent vulnerability in these plugins allows hackers to gain access to Wordpress admin login details, and we are seeing a number of sites being hacked as a consequence.
We have added an autoconfig record to the default zone for domains, and this will roll out over the next few days. If customers have autoconfig files in their webspace and were relying on the '*' record to point at them, then this will need to be changed using custom DNS. Please contact support for more details.
Problem with LCH server114, server92 and server89

We have experienced a problem with the server handling these instances, and are attempting a reboot. We hope to have these services restored shortly.

Update 09:46 This server is now back up.

Update Sept 14th 16:11 This machine has been taken down for essential maintenance, it should be back online shortly.

Update Sept 14th 16:29 This machine is back up. We apologise for the short notice on this outage.